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Deus Ex Answers will not support any form of hacking, cracking, piracy, editing, downloading or anything that would violate the End User Licence Agreement, legal mod sites Terms of Service, or any other copyright laws in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or other areas. Nations that do not have copywrite laws are NOT exempt from this rule. Any sensible mod site will ban you on the spot. Modding of XBOX will get you permanently banned on XboxLive.

Wiki members will never direct you to any console modding sites, or ways to un-ban your console. Any discussion of a positive nature to this, will result in ALL party members being removed from this site, forever, regardless of site status. Any person who asks for illegal hacks, cracks, downloads, and mods will be forever removed from the site, regardless of status.

These rules have no exceptions, no warnings, and no second chances.

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