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I had an unreasonable amount of trouble with him, but it's possible. If you drop some stuff before going into the fight, there's a rocket launcher in Detention D. That's the room with the large mech robot. Look around, you'll find it with some ammo. Grab it, drop some things right outside the room that triggers the boss fight. The moment the fight starts, dive to your right and grab a barrel to throw at him or dive to your left and grab the rocket ammo. (You should have three shots if you get the pack in the room.) If you can throw a gas canister at him, great. If not, shoot him with a PEPS or a Stun Gun. Then just spam the rocket launcher at him. In the case that he recovers before you reload, stun him again, grab another barrel, whatever. Stay behind cover whenever possible. EMP grenades are also kinda awesome.

Hope this helps.

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