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Yes and no. Some technology is already available, albeit primative. See the Deus Ex Eyeborg Documentary for more info. I must say that the arm-blade is impossible in Adam's arm, but may be possible in a different arm chassis. I cannot say whether the Info-link is possible or not as I do not know enough about sub-vocal ranges and how it works. The punching through reinforced concrete wall is ridiculously impossible but really fun in-game! The Smart Vision may be possible in the future (without the cooldown timer). All of the arm augs (except the punching walls one) will be possible in the near future. Icarus Landing System and the Typhoon are both, unfortunately, impossible. Dermal armour and Cloaking will be possible, I think, but not in 2027. All augs in general will take more than 15 or so years from now to be an efficient reality. In the intro cutscene, Page's keyboard seems to be just light. While the technology is plausible, it's not very efficient and pointless. Eliza (the A.I. and all A.I.'s are impossible) Humans are the only entity with the ability to 'think'. As for the biochip, and Darrow making everyone go insane, and Panchaea (including the Hyron Project), I very much doubt its possibility. Universal Constructors are impossible. I'm sorry, but they are. A merge between Page/Denton with Helios is also impossible. However, a lot of the rest of the Deus Ex universe is possible. Even the Iluminati!

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