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The Tai Yong Medical Corporation was founded in Shanghai in 1977 as a house design / construction of prosthetic limbs made ​​of silicone, and by the 1980s had acquired two factories in China and a network of clients in Southeast Asia. In 2009, TYM became famous worldwide thanks to the work of the young leader Zhao Yun Ru, who started a collaboration with the military of China by providing prostheses to veteran amputees. In 2017, the corporation was invited to participate in the ambitious Hengsha Island project, which would later become the company's headquarters. One of the world's fastest growing biotech corporations, TYM is known for aggressive expansionism, absorbing lesser corporations and utilizing any means to do so. In secret, it accomplishes these goals through a combination of extortion, blackmail, and even direct hack attacks, stealing company secrets and tech. By the time of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it has turned its sights on Sarif Industries.

Tai Yong Medical - Access Codes:

Storage Area (Security Panel) - Code: 4865;
Storage Area (Security Panel) - Code: 5720;
Storage Area (Security Panel) - Code: 0821;
Pool (Security Panel) - Code: 7934;
Pool (Laser Grid Panel) - Code: 9409;
Floor 1 (Security Panel) - Code: 4713;
Floor 3 (Laser Grid Panel) - Code: 9762;
Floor 3 (Laser Grid Panel) - Code: 2459;
Floor 3 (Laser Grid Panel) - Code: 5126;
Floor 4 (Security Panel) - Code: 2967;
Floor 4 (Security Panel) - Code: 3090;
Floor 4 (Security Panel) - Code: 6906;
Penthouse (Safe Panel)- Code: 0117.

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